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Dried Beans & Legumes
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We carry over 75 of the finest quality heirloom and exotic dry beans -- many of which are grown right here at our ranch in Pescadero California (just look for the PHIPPS GROWN symbol). All of our beans are grown without the use of pesticides and are planted, harvested, processed, sorted, and packaged by hand. Our soup mixes are sold by the whole pound and packaged in clear cellophane bags. Most include a seasoning packet and cooking instructions as well.

All Fruit Jams
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All of our jams are made right here at the ranch using only the finest ingredients. The olallieberries and strawberries in our jams are grown right here at our ranch. For all our jams we use a low sugar recipe so you really taste the fruit. The ingredients in all our jams are simply: fruit, pectin, sugar, and in our strawberry and strawberry-rhubarb jam, a little lemon juice as well. All jams come in 8 oz. hexagonal jars with the Phipps Country label. Price: $5.00 each or 3 for $13.50.

Herbs, Spices, Spice Blends, Herbal Vinegars
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No MSG is ever used in any of our herbs, spices, or blends. All come in a 4 oz clear glass bottle with the Phipps Country label and are perfect for gift-giving or for creating your own culinary spice rack. The herbs we use are gathered from our own gardens or we use the best quality available from our suppliers. Many people say our blends are the freshest and most fragrant that they have found!

Rice, Flours, Grains
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A number of our rice varieties are organically grown (look for the Organic symbol). In addition to the more common varieties, such as long and short grain white and brown rice, we carry some of the more hard-to-find varieties, such as Black Thai and Black Japonica rice. All but three of our rice varieties (Long Grain Brown, Long Grain White, and Short Grain Brown) are made by Lundberg Family Farms. Lundberg Family Farms is a family owned and operated farm committed to growing and producing the finest brown rice, specialty rices, and brown rice products. They grow all of their organic and Nutra-Farmed rice in the fertile Sacramento Valley of Northern California.


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